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Faerie Quest Help
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This is a community for faerie quest help.

We've all been there. Here you are, pricing items in your shop - and you get a quest! Now you can't check out the shop wizard. You'd ask a friend for help, but all your friends are sleeping. What to do?

OMG! Maybe it's a fountain faerie quest. HELP!

Or maybe you've been irritated at seeing the same request for quest help 20 times on your friends page. Either way, never fear, that's what this community is for! Post the item you need, and somebody will help you out. (But you knew that, right?)

Information about faerie quests

According to PPT's Battlepedia, the rewards for the various faerie quests are as follows:

The Earth Faerie bloats one of your pets. The Water Faerie adds two defense points to one of your pets. The Fire Faerie adds two strength points. The Light Faerie adds a level to one of your pets. The Dark Faerie adds two hit points to a random pet, and the Air Faerie increases one of your pet's movement points by two. This leaves the Space Faerie (four levels), the Faerie Queen (one level, three hit points, three strength points) and the Fountain Faerie (she gives you access to the rainbow fountain).

Occasionally, you will get a quest that is very expensive. If you do not want to do a quest, you can go to the quests page to cancel that quest. Once you have done that, you should return in ten minutes. You will not get a new quest until you have gone back after that ten minute period is up.

Other Quests

Jhudora and Illusen

You can find these quests at Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade. Once you take one of these quests, you will not be able to take another Jhudora or Illusen quest for twelve hours. A complete list of Jhudora and Illusen prizes can be found here.

Haunted Woods

In order to answer the Brain Tree's questions, you must first do two Esophagor quests. You can also do Esophagor quests without having a Brain Tree quest. Originally, the items needed for the Esophagor quests were only able to be obtained at Edna's Tower. This is no longer the case.

Other Quests

The Snow Faerie and The Kitchen Quests are the last two quests. Please note that you can only do ten quests a day.